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This Year’s Tile Trends are set in Concrete and in Timber and Even Pastels

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Did you know that tile can bear a stunning likeness to concrete? Or that it’s sometimes available in a stunning shade of pastel pink?

Although widely known as a basic and essential flooring material, some people are amazed by the lush and diverse varieties of finishes, formats and colours of tile currently available on today’s home design market.

Here is what’s trending in 2019:

This year’s tiles are sure to impress with their substantial size and stunning likeness to marble—indeed, when it comes to tiles, big is in! Particularly popular are sizable ceramic slab tiles that liken marble in their ivory and ebony hues, exquisite veined features, and polished finishes.

At the opposite end of the design spectrum, the traditional and highly functional subway tile is in—but not in the style that we remember them. Indeed, this traditionally white tile is now bursting forth in vibrant hues of fire red, forest green, yellow gold, azure blue, etc. And, true to a popular trend rising in the field of modern design, subway tiles are now available in vibrant three-dimensional patterns.

And speaking of trends; for many environmentally minded building designers, timber is the material of choice for many projects. And tiles with a timber-like veneer are wildly popular this year—especially those sizable tiles that liken genuine timber boards in their surface and dimensions.

Of course, upscale tile can happily masquerade to liken many popular materials; and this year, more and more building designers are making the concrete choice to lay concrete-like tiling on the floors of their project homes. This year, though, the traditionally raw, rustic surface of concrete-like tiles is giving way to a softer, more graceful and sophisticated look, although in keeping with the classic concrete design, grey and grey-beige remain the most popular colours for this variety of tile. These concrete-like tiles are also richly detailed and authentic in appearance right down to the subtle lining that one typically associates with concrete.

The international design appeal of exotic Terrazzo has made its way into today’s tiling options, with large, boldly designed Terrazzo tiles bursting forth in radiant pastels, blues, pinks and greens, and in more muted combinations of ebony and ivory; and in shapes and finishes sure to illuminate and add endless beauty to any flooring design.

Indeed, regardless of its design or colour, beauty and style are the common denominators linking tiling trends in 2019.

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